Dalotia Beetle


A rove beetle that preys on Fungus Gnats, Shore Flies, Thrips pupae, and Springtails/ Collembola.


Dalotia Beetle- Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria is a rove beetle that preys on Fungus Gnats (Sciara spp., Lycoriella spp. and Bradysia spp.), Shore Flies (Scatella spp. and Ephydridae spp). They also eat thrips pupae (Frankliniella occidentalis) and Springtails (Collembola spp.).

They are 3-4 mm long and lives underground but they can also fly to find pest hotspots. Dalotia are a fast moving predatory beetle known for its aggressive feeding behavior. The eggs take 3-4 days to hatch and they live for 21 days at  21°C, though they can reproduce at a wide range of temperatures of between 13-35°C.

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100 adults, 1000 adults, 100 Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria (40 dram vial), 1000 Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria (1 L bottle)