PolyFastner- channel lock for greenhouse covering


PolyFastener two-part channel lock for greenhouse covering


PolyFastener is a two-part plastic fastening system consisting of an outer channel and insert strip that grips tight to flexible materials such as plastic sheeting, fabric, and fiberglass screen WITHOUT damaging the fragile materials. PolyFastener’s unique design creates a secure air and water tight seal while evenly distributing the material along the holding edge of the channel.

PolyFastner is excellent for attaching the greenhouse covering to the structure. It is a 2-part hard poly channel with an insert strip that locks the poly covering to the greenhouse frame.

It is also useful  for greenhouse doors, screen doors, covers for water conservation, grain and silage conservation, and more.


Seal precious items to protect against:

  • storm windows
  • solar panels
  • privacy panels
  • shelters
  • screen doors and windows.


It can be removed easily and the poly can be re-used, unlike the “wiggle wire” alternative to attaching poly.  The Poly Fastner roller tool allows easy attachment and removal of the poly covering.

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1 foot, 100' roll, 300' roll