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Compost testing service packages for compost quality, including micronutrients

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This package is a testing service for Salt Spring and South Vancouver Island clients to analyze compost before applying it as an amendment or making compost tea.

Service includes; on-site compost sampling, shipping, lab testing*, report results

*Standard Compost test includes; Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Potassium, C:N Ratio, Moisture, Bulk Density, Organic Matter, pH (saturated), Total Organic Carbon, Total Solids, Total Ash, Magnesium, Sulphur, Sodium, Calcium


*Standard container blend Compost test includes; Organic Matter, pH, Phosphorus, Potassium,Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Boron, Sodium, Chloride, Aluminum, Nitrate-N(NO3-N), Total Nitrogen, Soluble Salts, Moisture, C:N Ratio, Lime Index

~ All analytical tests will be done by a lab accredited by Standards Council of Canada/ CAEAL

Not all composts are of high quality or have significant amounts of nutrients.

Testing the compost pile before using it ensures that it will be applied efficiently and targeted for the soil nutrient needs.  Also, it is important to test compost before making compost tea to ensure that the product will make a quality compost tea and will have no pathogens that can damage plants.

Having compost test information will help make more informed and site-specific nutrient management decisions about its use as a crop amendment relative to the available soil nutrients and properties.

For information on other tests for soil, leaf tissue nutrient, plant disease, water, compost, and compost tea are available;

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