Aphidoletes Larvae


Pests controlled

  • larvae consumes all species of aphids


  • adult gall midge with very long legs and slender body (2-3 mm long)
  • very long antenna that are bent backwards
  • larvae are elongated and translucent orange (2.5 mm long)
    • often change colour (yellow, red, brown, grey) depending on prey consumed


  • eggs laid near aphid colonies (female can lay 100- 300 eggs in a lifetime)
  • small, red larvae hatch in 2-3 days at 21˚C
    • larvae feed on aphids (up to 50 per day) and kill more than they consume
  • total development time is 19 days at 21˚C
  • adults must feed on plant nectar and aphid honeydew
  • can enter diapause if daylength is shorter than 12- 14 hours of light per day
    • must use supplemental lighting to avoid diapause and maintain high levels of reproduction
  • larvae pupate in top 1 cm of moist soil in an oval silk cocoon


  • weak fliers, but very efficient at prey location
  • eggs laid in colony therefore prey finding not difficult for larvae
  • mainly active at night
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